The Key Skills of Translators

There are many key skills to look for in translators and one of the most important is communication skills. In a very complex and fast moving business like the translation process, communication is the key to any successful outcome. This is because translation is usually a two way process where the author and the reader must both be able to understand each other in order for the document to be satisfactory.

So how do you as a translator ensure that you have a good understanding of your client’s culture? One way is by simply having regular communication with them. This will allow you to notice certain things that may not be obvious to you. For example, cultural nuances can be important to a reader of your translated work. It may seem like common sense but it still makes sense to listen and carefully comprehend the way your client speaks and the way they might be thinking when expressing themselves in their native language.

The second skill that is important to look for in translators is writing skills. As a translator you are in charge of creating or translating a piece of writing and so you need to be good at it. You may need to take classes or read books about writing and translation before you start your career so that you have mastered the art of interpretation. You must also be able to translate documents properly in different languages, both official and non official, and follow directions carefully when creating documents.

Not all people who try and become skilled translators possess good writing skills. Some people are quite good at interpretation and creating interpretation sheets or glossaries. However, there is a difference between being a good translator and being a good writer. Many people attempt to translate word for word from a text using only their writing skills and often this results in poor quality work. Instead of just rushing through the translation process you should seek out for a good translator who also has good writing skills. A good translator will be able to understand the language correctly and not miss out on any important meaning.

Another key skill to look for in translators is to have a firm understanding of the industry they are working within. This means knowing the industry terminology and what makes each language unique. For example, there are different variations of the Latin alphabet depending on which country you are translating to. Each language has its own set of rules and terminology that you will need to familiarize yourself with. A good translator understands all of these nuances and is able to work within these boundaries. It is extremely important that you work with someone who is familiar with the industry you are going into and the nuances of the industry.

A good translator must also have great interpersonal skills. Translators need to get along with other people both on and off the phone. They must be receptive to requests and understand how difficult it can be to talk to someone if they are from entirely different parts of the world. You will often find translators who live in different parts of the world are a huge asset to your localization team.

The last of the key skills to look for in translators is that of a good writer. Good translators are able to take the ideas they receive and translate them into the language needed. They must also be skilled writers so that they can translate not only the ideas but the actual text.

The localization industry continues to grow at an exponential rate. Many companies are looking to outsource part or all of their translation projects. If you want to be in this industry you will need to make sure you have a solid understanding of the different languages that are spoken around the world. You will also need to have skills in the art of grammar, spelling, and the language itself. It is also important to ensure your translators understand the culture you are translating into. This will ensure your work accurately expresses the message you wish to send across.

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